Mr. J of Osaka Prefecture

J-Lapis NAMBA Completed in September 2016

Building a “Safe” apartment That Offers “Peace of Mind”

Exterior of J-Lapis NANBA

I was personally affected by the destruction brought about by the Great Hanshin Earthquake; the disaster that unfolded before me exceeded my wildest nightmares. This is why I felt strongly that newly-built apartment must not collapse during an earthquake. However, among the construction companies that I researched, it was only Takamatsu Corporation who properly answered my needs. Other companies were of the attitude that ‘it is safe as long as it complies with the Building Standards Act’, but I was not convinced that this alone was sufficient and so I did not feel reassured.

Takamatsu Corporation, on the other hand, informed me that “the earthquake resistance of the Building Standard Act is determined only by the lateral vibrations, and so a further strengthening of 15% is necessary when considering the longitudinal vibrations as well.” They gave me a tour of a 35-year-old property as well as a site under construction, and dealt with me in a sincere manner through always responding politely to my persistent questions. This gradually led to me feeling secure about working with Takamatsu Corporation.

To be honest, I am an amateur when it comes to construction, and so I do not know the difference between earthquake resistance grades 1 and 2, and I cannot sense first-hand whether there is value for money just because the cost is more expensive. Once the apartment is built, however, it will remain for 40 to 50 years. I thought that as I do not know what may happen during that time, it would be better to put in place all possible countermeasures. Also, in regards to the invisible notion of being ‘safe’, I could have some peace of mind by deepening my understanding of the criteria for earthquake resistance grades, and I feel the fact that I can provide this to tenants with confidence is a real advantage.

The owner himself suffered at the hands of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake 20 years ago, and as he suffered a horrifying experience with his home being partially destroyed, we decided to propose earthquake resistance grade 2.
Our construction cost was higher than the other companies, but it is not just about comparing the cost of construction. By actually seeing our work first-hand, the client agreed with our philosophy on construction, and we received great praise for the fact that the client was able to start their business with greater peace of mind.
I am delighted to have been able to bring to life the client’s desire of wanting his tenants to live safely and securely. Sales representative: Yanagawa

  • Entrance pathway of apartment

  • Entrance (from the main entrance)

  • Entrance (from the hall)