Operation Management

Operation Management

For clients considering managing a rental-use apartment complex, we are equipped to handle everything from preliminary surveys and financial planning through to design and construction. Through smooth cooperation with group companies, we also offer support in terms of all aspects of marketing to tenants after completion, management once occupied, as well as maintenance and inspections.

Resident Follow-up Support

Maintaining high occupancy rates

Takamatsu Estate Co., Ltd. of the Takamatsu Construction Group offers a full support system to maximize leasing efficiency even after construction.
In the Kansai area, where we are established, we are proud market leaders in managing apartments in the area, with an occupancy rate of over 95%.
Securing stable tenants is important in rental management. Takamatsu Corporation and Takamatsu Estate Co., Ltd. support apartment management that offers peace of mind.

Setting and optimizing rents

Making use of our network of real estate agents, we conduct marketing surveys of the location and always incorporate the needs of residents in the area. By establishing appropriate tenant preconditions based on survey results and creating model rooms that enable potential residents to envision their new lives, we are able to greatly boost contract closing rates.
*Final rents will be discussed and decided by ownership

Non-payment guarantee through business alliances with credit card companies

Tenants pay their rent via credit card, and the credit card company pays rent on behalf of the resident, and so there is no need to worry about non-payments or delays in payment. (Up to 6 months)
In addition to credit card companies, rent guarantee companies can secure rent as well.

Tenant and building management, including complaints

Takamatsu Estate Co., Ltd. offer 24-hour support for residents' troubles and complaints. By working together with call centers, security companies and other organizations, we protect tenant safety. As for cleaning and other services required when tenants move in and out, we handle everything through integrated management services to enable smooth tenant transitions.

*Resident follow-up support is conducted by Takamatsu Estate Co., Ltd.

Batch Leasing

"Batch leasing system" contract type

Takamatsu Estate rents apartments, and then rents them out in turn to tenants. This makes it possible to resolve all your troubles such as vacancy risk, building maintenance, problems during the tenant's contract period, non-payments of rent and so on.

Worry-free rental management

Through all\encompassing services, we handle everything from marketing to tenants, moving tenants in and out, building maintenance and repairs, and a wide range of other services on behalf of the owner.
We will carry out all work from the start of apartment operation to achieve rental management that offers ease and comfort for the owner.

*Batch leasing is conducted by Takamatsu Estate Co., Ltd. of the Takamatsu Construction Group.

Post-construction Maintenance

Appropriate post-construction maintenance is required to maintain the longevity of the building and maintain its performance over the long term.

Long-lasting and Reassuring Support

One of our major responsibilities is to maintain the buildingfs performance for a long time after it has been built.
At Takamatsu Corporation, we offer a comprehensive support system that thoroughly manages design specifications through the Takamatsu Construction Group from beginning to end.
Our highly-skilled employees will provide quick and reliable support without using subcontractors to carry out the work on our behalf.

Support Like a Family Doctor

Buildings are exposed to harsh environments such as rain and wind as well as cold and warm temperatures once they are fully constructed. In the same way that people undergo regular medical checkups to discover illnesses, it is necessary to find parts that need to be repaired at an early stage through regular check ups and inspections in order for the building to last longer.
From the delivery of the building, we keep track of all inspections, repairs, and renovations just like a family doctor, and provide support to improve the value of your asset over 30 or 50 years.

*Post-construction maintenance is performed by Takamatsu Techno Service of the Takamatsu Construction Group.

Periodic Inspections

There are two main types of inspections for apartment building.
The Takamatsu Construction Group will carefully inspect and manage in order to prevent tenant-related problems, and will offer support to keep your apartment building fit and healthy.

(1) Legal Inspections

These are inspections specified by law.
Legally required inspections include those related to emergency-use facilities and equipment designed to save lives, encompassing ventilation, water supply, disaster prevention, evacuation and others. This includes facilities such as elevators and multilevel parking that can lead to serious accidents if inspections are neglected.
The Takamatsu Construction Group conducts very thorough inspections in order to ensure the safety of residents and to protect the property.

(2) Periodic Maintenance and Inspections

Although there is no legal obligation to do so, we check that facilities operate correctly.
This means carrying out necessary maintenance before facilities and equipment break down, rather than after in order to keep them in optimal condition over the long term. Early-stage, preventive maintenance is important as it helps to prevent danger and minimize repair expenses. Apartment buildings have many different types of equipment and facilities, and Takamatsu Techno Service carries out thorough inspections of them all, even in places not visible to the eye.

*Inspections are carried out by Takamatsu Techno Service of the Takamatsu Construction Group.

Renovations that bring peace of mind

Renovations that improve the value of properties

Takamatsu Techno Service Co., Ltd. provide beautiful repairs to buildings that have aged over time and transform them so that they look like new construction. In addition to repainting exterior walls, we fix broken tiles, repair and renovate common areas and residential units, and carry out inspections of wall interiors. By tackling building problems from the inside out, we preserve building integrity and aesthetics over the long term.

*Inspections are carried out by Takamatsu Techno Service of the Takamatsu Construction Group.