Corporate Philosophy

Management objective

Our objective is to ensure that each and every person we interact with feels they have a relationship of trust with our company.

Management stance

We aim to become an even bigger and even more profitable company to achieve our management goals. We do not, however, engage in fraudulent or unfair means in pursuit of profit.

Our mission

Takamatsu Corporation is a C&C company whose mission is to help achieve the success of our clients' businesses, make our clients happy, and contribute to society through the development of our company business by making full use of our own skills and offering all our knowledge and wisdom. (C&C = Consulting and Construct Company)

Guidelines for corporate conduct

  1. We take responsibility for providing safe buildings and services which offer peace of mind that contribute to society. We also take great joy from gaining the satisfaction and trust of all those we work with, including our clients.
  2. We always think about ways to ensure lasting profitability for the Group while retaining our status as an honorable organization in the eyes of society.
  3. Recognizing the importance of compliance, we conduct business fairly and honestly with a high sense of standards.
  4. As both an organization and as individuals, we do not accept bribes from business partners, nor do we offer preferential treatment or special favors.
  5. We strive to cultivate outstanding moral character in each member, and if any employee engages in inappropriate or illicit behavior we act with integrity to correct it.
  6. We respect the diversity, personality, and individuality of our staff, and unite as one to work together to create a workplace where everyone can work comfortably.