Unique Proposals Based on Knowledge and
Expertise That Go Above and Beyond

Our goal is to embody our clients’ vision in our work down to the detail delivering an ideal and unique product for our clients.
We propose plans tailored exclusively to each client by making use of our knowledge and expertise
with originality developed from our history of designs.

We start the process with an accurate understanding of the needs of our client and their for the project.
Planning Proposal
Based on the interview, we develop professional sketches reflecting our client’s imagination.
To create a facility that fully addresses all customer needs, we set specific goals based on your building requirements and formulate a plan to meet those goals.
Planning Design
We take into consideration all possibilities and draw up the concepts and ideas that form the core of the product.
Basic Design
We convert a concept into detailed space plans. Outlines include ease of use and grades, etc.
Final Design
We verify suitability for placements of all facilities and spaces then we turn detailed concepts into drawings.
Our construction management specialists take responsibility for the management of all construction activities, which includes the submission of applications based on various laws and ordinances.
Ensuring true value in all building functions is part of our job. We build with changing times in mind to ensure continued value over the long term.

Apartment Construction / Apartment Management

In addition to traditional apartments, we propose and build dormitories made using apartment-construction technologies.
We are also experienced in apartment buildings that incorporate commercial shops, offices and other facilities into the overall structure.

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Office and Business Locations
We build office properties that integrate functionality, design, and comfort by taking into account our client's business and originality.
Construction plan requirements vary based on the project site. Here at Takamatsu Corporation, we propose unique and creative approaches optimized to said site-related factors.
Industrial and Distribution Centers
Our industrial-construction proposals offer high functionality while also achieving comfortable, pleasant facilities that keep worker motivation high, while considering operating efficiency and safety.
Hospitals and Medical Facilities
We hold detailed discussions with personnel in each medical division with the aim of producing an excellent facility in terms of furniture and fixtures, patient flow functionality, and design.
Retirement Homes
We protect residents with first-class building technology to withstand to earthquakes and fire with durability in mind. We ensure our home provide a safe and relaxing home-like environment.
Stores and Shops
Taking into consideration everything from retail space, storage facility and kitchen placement interior design, we plan and construct buildings that are comfortable for every users.

Apartment Construction

At Takamatsu Corporation,
We cherish our clients and offer support to their business.

At Takamatsu Corporation, our group companies, led by the personnel in charge of your project, we will offer the best possible support to ensure we mitigate market risks and manage your asset professionally and with class.

Takamatsu Corporation thoroughly researches market trends and rental pricing in any given market.
We make proposals that encourage occupancy with market appropriate rents as well as provide business plans with with an eye on forecast.

Creating site plans suited for intended operations

Most of our proposals are in highly convenient geographical locations such as near stations. We avoid high-risk proposals unless our clients have a strong desire for one.

Thorough market research

We carry out thorough research on the property's submarket conditions, optimize pricing plan and track population growth trends in the area. We utilize data to optimize our clients' financials in the rental business.

Proposals for realistic business plans

We prepare forward-looking business plans that include setting aside building repair contingency to mitigate age-related building deterioration. Leveraging our wide-ranging experience, we point out all possible risks and make every effort to minimize them to the greatest extent possible.

Timely Marketing to Prospective Tenants

With the aim of full occupancy when handing over the property to the client, we market early for tenants before construction completion.

In addition to apartment construction, we deliver proposals for corporate housing that make use of our skills, and also design and build for stores and offices that have a residential component have a residential component.

Previous Projects

  • Nagoya City, apartments
    Construction site:
    Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
    Structure and scale:
    Reinforced concrete, 7-story,
    33 apartments
  • Osaka City, apartments
    Construction site:
    Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
    Offices and Apartments
    Structure and scale:
    Reinforced concrete, 10-story,
    70 apartments
  • Tokyo, apartments
    Construction site:
    Minato Ward, Tokyo
    Factory and Apartments
    Structure and scale:
    Reinforced concrete, 10-story,
    31 apartments

Office and Business Locations

Improved Corporate Image

We build exteriors that reflect your corporate philosophy for an image that suggest innovation and uniqueness.
Our designs take into consideration the surrounding environment, historical and cultural setting, and the future appearance of the intended area. Our goal is to deliver buildings that serve as symbols for the neighborhood, and the city.
In addition to the visual design aspects, an engineering design based on a business continuity plan (BCP) leads to corporate credibility.

Energy-saving Design to Reduce Running Costs

Designs that controls sunlight

We make effective use of eaves, slats and blinds based on the sunlight's direction and entry angle. The most effective way to reduce insolation in an indoor environment is to set up blinds.

Building energy management with BEMS

Building Energy Management System (BEMS) measures and analyzes energy used, The system reduces the amount of power consumption used by controlling air conditioning and lighting that are the main sources of power consumption.

Pursuing Greater Office-space Functionality and Comfort

Reasonable and waste-free zoning plan

Each floor of an office building consists of common area space, such as elevators, stairs, and toilets, as well as the workspace. As the shape and layout of the core and the workspace determines the characteristics of the office, we make plans upon holding detailed meetings with the owner.

Planning proposal exampleOffice core arrangement

Plan A
Plans that maximize space use and extensibility
Improve work efficiency by increasing the ratio of the workspace
Flexible organization of office spaces
  • Partitions can be relocated to accommodate increases in staff
  • Unobstructed views across the entire work area foster a greater sense of unity among workers
  • Spaces are designed to promote communication
Plan B
Plan that adds areas to unwind
Across different floors gives birth to ideas
Layouts designed for improved communication
  • Spaces for social interaction promote better interpersonal communication
  • Adding a central, shared-use space between department-specific zones promotes more active communication between departments

Previous Projects

  • Tokyo, Head office building
    Construction site:
    Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
    Head office building and
    corporate housing
    Structure and scale:
    Steel construction, 7-story
  • Osaka City, Head office building
    Construction site:
    Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
    Head office building
    Structure and scale:
    Steel construction, 3-story
  • Nagoya City, Head office building
    Construction site:
    Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
    Head office building
    Structure and scale:
    Reinforced concrete, 2-story


The hotel industry has risen to a prominent position in Japan. This is due to increasing numbers of tourists visiting the country. We provide optimal business proposals with our advance technology our track record speak to our ability to carry out construction even under strict site conditions.

"Thrilling Experiences" that Make Clients Want to Come Back

Brand image

Both the client's point of view and the staffs' points of view are essential to the design of a commercial facility. We aim to deliver both a functional and pleasant product.

Two viewpoints

We build facilities tailored to specific concepts, target users and other factors in order to cultivate the customer's brand image.


We divide the project into exterior, interior, products, and brand construction, and collaborate with experts in each of these areas to create a highly original facility.

Design that provides guest comfort

Takamatsu Corporation creates relaxing interior spaces that are quiet and enhanced by refined design. In order to achieve this, we carefully calculate employee paths of movement in order to prevent congestion and overlap.

Layouts in pursuit of high efficiency

We separate the movement routes used by customers and staff. Furthermore, we design easy-to-understand emergency evacuation routes. In these ways, our layout designs, optimize people movement, satisfy customer needs while also achieving high operational efficiency.

Examples of planning proposalsWe leverage building site advantages for hotels to achieve both operational efficiency and customer appeal

In order to utilize the facility's biggest advantage—the ocean view—we looked at and compared multiple design examples, we then created an optimized plan that places high priority on balancing hotel operational efficiency and interior space appeal.

  • Plan A

    Plan A

    This plan reduces that amount of space taken up by hallways in order to maximize guestroom size. It's simple yet ultra efficient, focusing on factors such as employee movement paths and building facade design, while also achieving an excellent balance between seismic strengthening and cost considerations.

  • Plan B

    Plan B

    This plan offers an impactful exterior design and a large number of guestrooms, but its layout is overly complex and its costs high. Furthermore, there is no large space available for the restaurant.

  • Plan C

    Plan C

    This building has an iconic look with its arc-shaped design, and all the rooms feature ocean views. However, the hallways are too long and guestrooms too few. Moreover, if a building is constructed on the adjacent property, some of the rooms would lose their appeal.

Previous Projects

  • Sennan Gun Tajiri Cho, Hotels
    Construction site:
    Sennan Gun Tajiri Cho, Osaka
    Structure and scale:
    Reinforced concrete, 14-story,
    240 rooms


We listen to the owner's concerns and what they have to say in a friendly manner, and propose buildings that match the area's regional characteristics.
By taking into consideration a wide range of factors, they have fulfilled the requirements of both the users and owner. By pleasing both parties, the company has ensured that this building will be highly valued for many years to come.

  • Mr. K of Hyogo Prefecture

    I was striving for the ideal apartment, based on my personal experience living in rental apartments. Takamatsu Corporation understood what I was aiming for and provided a range of different proposals, and the plan I chose, proposed by the company, was just the kind of place I had been seeking—a place where anyone would love to live. I believe this apartment will make my life happier over the long term, even a full decade or two down the road.

  • Mr. A of Chiba Prefecture

    Just when I began to worry about the aging of my property, the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred. My store was severely damaged, and I began to fully consider transforming my business. When I consulted with Takamatsu Corporation, who had visited me enthusiastically for some time, they kindly considered my situation and I received a proposal for a apartment building.

  • Nakabayashi Co., Ltd.

    Our Kansai Logistics Center that we requested Takamatsu Corporation to construct has a solar power generation system and is now using natural energy to make electricity. At the time of the construction work, Takamatsu Corporation put themselves in in our shoes and met our expectations by handling the construction schedule and proposing a maintenance-free work floor that reduces the impact on the environment. We think Takamatsu Corporation reflected our company's attitude toward the environment in the building.
    At the same time, we also requested Takamatsu Corporation to take measures against disasters at our Osaka headquarters. At the time of installation, we were proposed a project that placed an emphasis on making use of anything that can be used in the existing building structure, space, and facilities, such as using the existing boiler rooms and wiring. There are many people who value being able to pick up and touch photographs even in this convenient digital age. Sometimes in life, certain things can only be found in older cultural traditions of years past. Buildings are just like that: it's important to leave the good, old things while incorporating new improvements alongside them. The phrase we cherish is, "toward the next new thing." This feeling remains constant.

  • Togu Corporation

    In order to make the most of our unique strengths of being able to propose complete in-store branding, we launched a plan to relocate the factory and increase the floor size. We got to know Takamatsu Corporation for the first time during their presentation. What impressed us was the quality of the teamwork. Information was shared properly, and in their style of everyone working together to proceed with the job, we felt a sense of reliability that was as if to say, "You can leave this to us." We therefore made the decision to request Takamatsu Corporation to undertake this work for us.
    As the rebuilding site is a residential area, a building typical of a factory design would stand out like a sore thumb. This is why we asked for a design that was in harmony with the surroundings. We have to say, however, that the completed building was beyond our expectations. By matching the factory building's height with the heights of surrounding buildings and implementing a simple design, we were able to avoid an imposing impression. The exterior walls use metal paneling to achieve a stylish appearance, and many people—both customers and casual passersby—comment on the building, praising its attractive look.