Chiba Minato Hospital

Chiba Minato Hospital Completed in February 2017

A Bright, Open Hospital Unlike Typical Hospitals

Third floor terrace and reception

We own a mixed care hospital of general wards and recuperation wards, and there are outpatients for internal medicine, surgery, and psychosomatic medicine of orthopedic surgery as well as special care outpatients such as for problems related to diabetes, liver, respiratory organs, memory loss, and circulatory organs. The aging of the hospital that I inherited from my grandfather became noticeable after more than 40 years had passed since its construction, and I also became concerned about earthquake resistance. This is why we made the decision to relocate, and the place we came across is where we are located now.

We felt that the deep blue sea and the comfortable sea breeze would help heal outpatients and inpatients, and so came to a decision instantly. We wanted to relieve some of the stress felt by patients in the midst of poor health and anxiety, and to make it a “bright, open hospital unlike typical hospitals” in order to focus on treatment. Takamatsu Corporation agreed with this idea and dealt with our requests in a flexible manner.

Takamatsu Corporation stood out from other companies in that they offered strong protection against earthquakes, were serious and sincere in their handling of matters, and above all, held a consistent stance of ‘a hospital for the benefit of its patients’.
So that no harm is done to the patients in the unlikely event that a tsunami occurs, Takamatsu Corporation put great efforts into construction with a strong ability to deal with our request, which was to allocate the first floor as an administrative department, the second floor for outpatients and rehabilitation rooms, and the third to fifth floors as hospital wards.

Furthermore, by introducing a cogeneration system and a private power generation facility, treatment can continue even in the event of a disaster.
A spacious day room was also established on each floor so that patients can spend their time here comfortably. On the 3rd floor, which has an extra special view, we had a spacious open terrace facing the sea installed, and so patients can enjoy mini concerts and other events.
By making the most of natural light while shielding the direct sunlight with louvers, Takamatsu Corporation also gave consideration to any burden on the patients' as well as to reduce the burden on the air conditioning.

We will provide better medical services in a building that offers safety suitable for a hospital that sustains lives as well as comfort to enable patients to be healthy both physically and mentally. We will continue to aim to be a family doctor who is loved and chosen by the community.

The concept was “a bright, open hospital unlike typical hospitals,” which soothes patients by taking advantage of the location where the deep blue sea unfolds before your very eyes.
Most importantly, in response to the requests from Chiba Minato Hospital such as “We want a building that takes into consideration safety as a ‘hospital for the benefit of its patients’,” through the establishment of a day room on each floor, our high standard earthquake resistance, and disaster planning , etc., we were able to bring to life a ‘safe’, ‘reliable’, and ‘comfortable’ building that enables its patients to become healthy both physically and mentally.
Sales representative: Takemura

  • Four-bed hospital room (VIP room)

  • Day room